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You’ve probably heard the term link bait before but do you really understand what it is, what it’s used for and how it can benefit you? Since I’m working on creating some link bait with my new niche site project, I thought I’d share some of what I’m doing with link bait and some insight to how it can be used.

What is link bait?

Link bait is something you add to your website that is there specifically for the purpose of encouraging others to link to your website. You may even heard it referred to as click bait as well.

What happens when lots of people start linking to your website? Google starts to notice that you have more back links and it should improve your website’s position in search results. Of course, it also drives traffic to your website which in turn leads to more revenue.

Examples of Link Bait

Alright, so what can you do to create link bait for your own niche site? Here are a few examples of things that are fairly common in the industry to use as link bait.

Top Resources

A top list of a specific resource type is great for 2 purposes. First, it can be seen as an authority type of piece to provide great resources to something they might be looking for.

Second, it can also be a nice “ego boost” to the people who are on the list. If you contact them to let them know they are on the list, they may decide to promote their placement on the list to their own community. More traffic…and possibly more leads.

Example: The Entrepreneurs Handbook: 52 Essential Resources for Startups

Glossy of Terms

Another great authority type of piece is providing a list of glossary terms along with their definitions. Other niche sites might find this useful and link to your list as well.

Example: The Ultimate Glossary: 120 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


This is one of my favorite ways to generate some link bait. After an interview is published, many times the person being interviewed will link to it and promote it for you but if it’s a well known personality many others will probably do the same.

Example: Bonus Interview with Pat Flynn

Calculators and Gadgets

You’ve seen those mortgage calculators haven’t you? These make great little tools to put on your website. They are useful and if there aren’t many in existence already, can become extremely popular with people who may blog about your topic. This is one link bait idea I will definitely be including on my new niche site.

Example: Mortgage Calculator


These handy little graphics are all the rage right now. They are popping up all over Facebooks feeds, Twitter feeds and google searches. They are informational and easily shared. They are also extremely easy to create with the help of some free infographic tools.

Example: Infographic of the Day


Online quizzes like personality quizzes, how much do you know and other quiz types are fun, can sometimes be competitive and are really popular. People will often times share results on their Facebook, which can lead to traffic and of course link bait when their friends share it as well.

Example: Are You Addicted to Video Games?

Overall, by using link bait you can increase more links to your site which will help you improve your search engine rankings and will also increase traffic to your site…and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Are you using link bait strategies in your niche site? What other ideas can you think of?


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11 Responses to Using Link Bait for Niche Site Promotion

  1. Rose says:

    It’s an interesting concept, but I wonder how it works when you want to keep the site from becoming too cluttered. Is this best done through a once in a while blog post, or is it done better through actual links on the bottom or side columns?
    My understanding is that google also removes “spammy” link backs and can eventually count you lower if you use them frequently. I don’t know what the ratio is, but how do you walk the fine line between getting bumped up or bumped down?
    Rose recently posted…Dublin in the Morning (part 1)My Profile

    • Misty Spears says:

      These would not be blog posts. Instead, I look at them more as permanent tools on your website. For example, if you go up to my nav bar at the top of the screen, I have a “My Tools of the Trade” link. This is a page on my website that lists all of the tools I use in my business. I don’t know that I’d use ALL of these ideas on one site, but sprinkled around I think they make a good use of bait links.

      And yes, Google could for spammy links, but that’s going to be things like huge directories or comment spamming or other spammy type things. Typically those kinds of sites aren’t going to link to you. They are more concerned about themselves. Remember, this isn’t you creating the links. This is you giving the world a reason to link to you themselves.

      Take for example, a glossary page. If I have a glossary of social media terms like the ones mentioned above, the people who might share that on their site would be people like me, Michael and other bloggers who want to share with their audience a useful resource. None of us are considered spammy websites so it would definitely be beneficial to that website.
      Misty Spears recently posted…Using Link Bait for Niche Site PromotionMy Profile

  2. Excellent ideas! I’ve been doing interviews on my site, with great results (plus it is fun!) I’ll have to try your other ideas as well.

    Thank you!

    Michael Levanduski recently posted…Writer Interview #5: Jerry NelsonMy Profile

  3. All good ideas! Ego boost or not, it’s very hard not to share a post in which you, your blog, or your business has received a favorable mention. That may be one of the most powerful link baits out there, especially if the mention is sincere (and not just obvious link bait). Interviews have a similar effect, and are just plain fun to do. Interviews don’t have to be ordinary, either. My friend and fellow author Cairn Rodrigues writes a hilarious series of interviews called “Askew Questions” – I hope you allow links, because here’s an example:

    All the other things you mention are good, too, but more for bringing in traffic than increasing backlinks, I think; I tend to link to the original site after taking the quiz, or viewing the infographic, etc. – not to the site where I found it, unless there’s some context in the first post that makes that the more interesting destination.
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted…It’s Not All About Me (OR You!)My Profile

    • Misty Spears says:

      Great comments Holly! Loved the interview style.

      The other items most definitely can bring in traffic, but they all can be linked to as well. It really depends on how you (meaning the person viewing it, not you specifically) read things and use the internet. You mentioned for example, you link to the original site after taking a quiz, I tend to do the opposite. When I take a quiz, I always link back to the quiz location. But other things like a top resource list or glossary terms, I think those would be linked back to the original article too rather than linking to a place that linked you to it.

      I will definitely updated more after I launch some of these myself in my new niche site.

  4. Misty Spears says:

    I did want to add one more note, that I should have included with infographics…be sure to post your infographics on Pinterest. I’ve found many on Pinterest and they tend to lead back to the owner of the infographic…bait link right there, but also great traffic!

  5. Sharyn says:

    Great tips; thank you! I’m gonna have to save and come back to this one as a reminder of things I still need to do!
    Sharyn recently posted…Relevance in Marketing: eMail, Blogging, and EventsMy Profile

  6. I have actually found my other sites on lists like this, and it never hurts traffic ;). This month is all about focusing on this book blog, especially since our publishing stories are probably useful for others (and selling some books would be lovely, too!).
    Prof. B.T. Mienoré recently posted…Proof Copies of ZKS Are ComingMy Profile

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